Thursday, July 11, 2002

You know its funny...supposedly when you're friends with someone not to mention BEST FRIENDS you'ld think that there would be some sort of special bond where they would treat each other with respect, kindess, and love...but...

When do you reach that point when a friendship has reached its peak? How do you know when you have just been pushed too far? How can you ever tell when enough is enough? Friends are people who care and love you, right? Well, if you are friends with someone, when do you stop putting up with so much utter nonsense and just throw in the towel?
In a relationship both friends should be in a win-win situation. When there is only one person benefiting from a friendship and the other caring the entire burden is he the one caring the burden suppose to sacrifice him for the sanctity of the other.
What is done when you reach that point in you life when all that you do is in vain, when you are the only one striving to make a friendship work? When every time you them all you fell is sadness and resentment. What do you do to end the pain? Is it well worth ending a friendship with a friend for whom you care so much, just to end your suffering? Is that not selfish? Should you not put then needs of your friend for whom you love before your own, if indeed you do love them?